Aiming for Carbon Neutrality

Independent Consulting Services on Decarbonization.

Our consulting services focus on business development and project management for decarbonization of the economy - practical in execution and trustful in cooperation.

With Business Development, we offer management services for the planning and implementation of new business ideas for decarbonization helping to ensure that new opportunities arise for your company from the structural change in the energy industry.

With our Project Management for decarbonization, we primarily address companies that want to reduce their CO2 emissions, expand their independence from the volatile energy procurement markets and thus make their corporate balance sheet fit for the future.

„Sustainable companies are more profitable, grow more strongly and have a lower risk profile. As a result, they achieve higher valuations for their shareholders.”

Source: Net-Zero Deutschland - Chancen und Herausforderungen auf dem Weg zur Klimaneutralität bis 2045, McKinsey & Company, September 2021.

Solar Windenergie Energiespeicher

Business Development

You have recognized the opportunities of the turnaround in the energy market and want to put your ideas into practice?

We support you with the following consulting.

  • Developing the Idea towards a Business Concept
  • Business Case Modeling
  • Establishing a suitable Company Structure
  • Initiation and Agreement of Cooperations
  • Design and Negotiation of Contractual Bases
  • Establishment of an Organisational and Operational Structure
  • Procurement of Financing

References and Experience

Establishment of Holding Companies for Power Generation Projects

Structuring and Implementation of Share Holding and Cooperation Models

Organizational Development for Planning and Permission Procedures

Organizational Development to take on Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC)

Introduction of Technical and Commercial Plant Management (TCMA)

Development of a Business Model for the Direct Supply of Electricity from Solar Roof Systems

Design and Implementation of a Virtual Power Plant for the Supply of Balancing Energy

Asset Management of Special Purpose Vehicles

Design of an Energy Sharing Model

Due Diligence of Power Plant Share/Asset Deals in various European Electricity Markets

Introduction and Operation of Energy Data Management as a Service

Project Management

You are convinced that your company can only remain sustainable if it becomes CO2-neutral?

We initiate and manage your decarbonization projects.

  • Procurement of Renewable Electricity
  • Individual Structuring of Long-term Power Purchase Agreements
  • Realization of a Local Green Power Supply
  • Development of a Green Power Generation Portfolio
  • Organisation an Quality Assurance of Implementation and Asset Management
  • Technical and Economic Concepts for Electricity Storage and Recovery / Power-to-X.

References and Experience

Tendering, Drafting and Negotiation of Long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Professional Preparation of Complex Contracts for Development, Realization and Cooperation *)

Technical, Economic and Regulatory Feasibility Study for Decarbonization

Procurement of Equity/Debt Financing of up to EUR 1,200 Million

Due Diligence on the Acquisition of a Medium-sized RE Project Planning Company

Due Diligence and Acquisition of Onshore/Offshore Wind Farms and Solar Plants, New and in Operation

Permission Planning and Construction of Wind and Solar Farms

Organization of Repowering of Several Wind Farms as Public Partnerships

Concept, Planning, Due Diligence for Run-of-River Power Plants, Pumped Storage Power Plants and other Regenerative Energy Producers

Moderation of Numerous Working Groups on Energy-related Topics such as Regulation, Trading, Sales, Contracting, Utility-specific IT


IUCON consult was founded in 2011.

We have more than 20 years of practical experience in the energy industry. For municipal utility cooperations, we have coordinated joint energy supply projects for many years.

Since then, our services have mainly included the procurement, planning, construction and marketing of green energy generation capacities with all their technical, energy-related, commercial and legal*) aspects. For investment and fund companies in the field of regenerative power generation, we manage the portfolio and develope it further.

Your Consultants

Our core competence lies in the energy industry, commercial and contractual planning, implementation and support of decarbonization projects and transactions as well as the coordination of investors groups over the entire project life cycle.

We know the generation and procurement markets and their players.

We know what we can do - and we know our limits. That's why we have a network of specialists: engineers, energy market specialists, appraisers, lawyers, tax experts, etc. Well-established team players contribute their know-how, thus mastering the complexity of the projects and ensuring the success of our customers. Cooperation with iucon Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH is particularly intensive.

Dipl.-Math. Joachim Martini

After studying mathematics and business administration at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität in Munich and at the University of Texas at Austin, Joachim Martini initially spent several years developing complex IT systems in a responsible position as a systems engineer and project manager.

After moving to the energy industry, he initially took on management tasks at an energy service provider. Since 2003, he has been shaping various companies in the energy sector as a managing director.

In 2008 he initiated the foundation of Energieallianz Bayern GmbH & Co. KG and developed it over 10 years into an investment service provider covering the entire value chain of regenerative power generation and supply. From 2019 to 2022, as a board member of GLS Beteiligungsaktiengesellschaft, a subsidiary of GLS Bank in Bochum, he gave significant impetus to the management and development of an extensive renewable power plant portfolio.

Dr. Olaf Grabe

After completing a banking apprenticeship, Dr. Grabe studied law at the Leibniz University of Hanover and completed the master's degree in legal informatics in Hanover and Vienna. He earned his doctorate in the field of U.S. banking and capital markets law.

After completing his education, Dr. Grabe initially worked as a corporate lawyer in the energy industry, initially as a contract and claims manager in the wind energy sector of a U.S. corporation and subsequently as in-house counsel for a DAX-listed company in the field of power generation and industrial plant construction. In 2014 he founded iucon Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH and has been advising his clients as an independent lawyer ever since.

Dr. Grabe's main areas of expertise are in the drafting, negotiation and management of construction and plant engineering contracts, corporate transactions support for share and asset deals in the energy industry and the implementation and execution of contract and (anti)claims management.

Our Mission

We feel a great responsibility for our planet, which is our only home and must be kept worth living for future generations.

That's why we want to make a contribution to stopping climate change. With our work we want to promote the peaceful coexistence of all people.